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Kerala Houseboats (Riceboats) or kettuvallam are country boats that were used in the early days for the transport of goods from the isolated interior villages of Kerala Backwater area to the towns like Alleppey, Kollam, Cochin and Kottayam. With the advent of roads, bridges and ferry services, gradually the kettuvalloms went off the scene. Now these kettuvalloms are back again as a major tourist attraction as a modern moving boat house that is kerala houseboats.


Shikkara Boats is comparatively small in size than houseboats and motorboats but it is really beautiful handicraft work in elegant Kerala style. Shikkara boats are mainly used for sightseeing. It is available in limited budget and mainly used for sightseeing in per hour basis in much cheaper rate than Houseboats and Motorboats. Shikkara boats are comparatively smaller than the other ones. Its seating arrangement is very comfortable for the travelers as they are using cushion chairs. It’s the best way to travel in the backwaters cheaply. Its seats are arranged with bamboo and shades were made of bamboo canopy. It has a four stroke outboard petrol engine. All the sides of a Shikkara boat is open for best view for sightseeing and therefore the travel will be much relaxing even in the afternoon. No food is served in a shikkara boat and we cannot move freely inside a shikkara boat. It is advisable to start your journey in early morning so that you can enjoy from the sunrise to the birds singing, the cool breeze and the backwaters. You can have a very close view in the backwaters than you can even dip your hands in the chilling water. Shikkara boats can accommodate about 4-15 people.


If you are cherishing the idea of spending your vacations with the green beauty, then step into a country boat and you get a pleasure cruise through the narrow canals. The backwater beauty is depends on the narrow canals. To enjoy the wide varieties of sceneries and freshness of narrow canals we want take a canoe trip. This trip will explain every eye of the narrow canals in the backwater. While cruising through these canals in a canoe boat we would come across many interesting aspects of day to day life in the land as well as on water. We can see the flourishing paddy fields, coconut lagoons & isolated islands. We can also enjoy the lifestyles of the villagers while walking through the paddy fields.

Kerala Motorboat

Motorboats are quite different from Houseboats and Shikkara boats.Motorboats are mainly used for Transportation in Kerala Backwaters. It’s more economical to enjoy a backwater cruise in Alleppey and Kumarakom than Houseboats. For small groups, motorboats will be more preferable and cheaper than any other ones. The speed of the motorboats can be can be up to 50km/hr which is more than the Houseboat. A motorboat is comparatively smaller than the Houseboats but bigger than the Shikkara boats. It is powered with inboard engines and outboard motors. It is mostly used for sightseeing and travelling from one place to another for tourists having limited time to spend in travelling. No food or any other facilities like Toilets, wash rooms etc., are not available in a motorboat. It is available in different shapes and sizes. It is completely engraved in wood. One can hire a motorboat at any time and its maximum capacity is 5-70 seats and can weigh about 500-5000 kg and their power is about 40-50 hp. It can be hired by hourly and day basis not by per head basis. It’s the best option for sightseeing. Only day cruises are allowed in motorboats and they don’t provide any overnight stays and is not available during the night.It can travel through narrow canals where a houseboat cannot reach. No a/c facility is available. It makes more noise than the Houseboats and Shikkara boats. Motorboats are fully covered boats and it’s safer than shikkara boats. It’s 100% safe with lifejackets and lifeguards. Motor boats have separate cabins for engines and there is one guest cabin and some motorboats provide 2 guest cabins and one engine cabin.